GreenKeeper Integrations

Connect your course to GreenKeeper

GreenKeeper Sensor Integrations

Take your GreenKeeper experience to the next level. Link different sensor technologies to your course in the app. Monitor changes in conditions, gain access to additional agronomic models, and improve the accuracy of your weather data within GreenKeeper. Add multiple sensors to create a robust data network to better understand how pest outbreak risk and irrigation requirements change across the different microclimates.

Weather Stations

The RealmFive Weather Front for the Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station does more than simply provide hyper-local weather data in real-time. The Weather Front can also act as a Gateway for all other devices within its range. This allows you to bring multiple sensors under one network and platform. The Weather Front shares temperature, humidity, pressure, wind and solar irridiance data with GreenKeeper via a cellular network.

Rain Collectors

Rainfall can vary widely. The RealmFive Ready Davis Rain Collector is a self-emptying rain gauge that connects through a gateway giving you accurate hyper-local rain totals, allowing more efficient management. “Send on event” feature sends data more often when it’s raining, saving battery power when it’s not.

Soil Sensors

Spiio’s SP-100 Wireless Sensor has four sensors in one device: a capacitive soil moisture sensor, temperature sensor, salinity sensor and light sensor. These data are displayed on the homepage will also be linked to various soil pest models such as root diseases and weed seed emergence. Read more in our October 2020 blog article.


Free Implementation Consultation

Ready to get connected? The experts at GreenKeeper will help by providing a free virtual consultation. This service includes a site analysis to indentify the different microclimates at your properity, creation of a customized sensor package to meet your needs, and guidance to link the sensors systems to GreenKeeper App.
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