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Our team of renowned turfgrass professors, researchers and practitioners have moved to our courses to a 100% self-paced format. This means students can enroll in courses at any time and view hundreds of hours of lecture material on their own timeline. Our new learning management software automatically tracks student progress towards either an Introductory Certificate in Turfgrass Science or GKU Diploma.

The new Introductory Certificate course in GKU covers the principles of turfgrass science with a golf-turf focus, ranging from turf selection to soil fertility and pest management. This program is recommended for those new to the industry or those with experience wanting to update their practices. Students earn a certificate immediately upon completion of the program.

The advanced courses build on the fundamentals of turf science and management. These courses are a deep dive into their topic areas, taught by experts in their respective fields. While the Introductory GKU course is not a prerequisite to enroll in the Advanced courses, past turf management experience or education is recommended to excel in the Advance courses.

GreenKeeper University self-enrollment opens us on Monday, November 20, 2023. Students will have immediate access to the content upon registration. Learn more and enroll at

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GreenKeeper University courses are full of hours of content. Explore the different courses, content and instructors below.

Check out the Intro Course Content & Instructors
  1. Cool-Season Turfgrasses – Dr. Bill Kreuser
  2. Warm-Season Turfgrasses & Ornamentals – Dr. Aaron Patton
  3. Turf Establishment – Dr. Zac Reicher
  4. Turf Growth & PGRs – Dr. Bill Kreuser
  5. Abiotic Stress Management – Dr. Bill Kreuser
  6. Soil Properties & Problems – Dr. Doug Soldat
  7. Soil Nutrients & Fertility – Dr. Doug Soldat
  8. Irrigation & Drainage – Dr. Alec Kowalewski
  9. Turf Cultivation & Rolling – Dr. Thom Nikolai
  10. Integrated Pest Mangement & Pesticides – Drs. Paul Koch and Jim Kerns
  11. Cool-season Diseases – Dr. Paul Koch
  12. Warm-Season Diseases – Dr. Jim Kerns
  13. Turf Insects – Dr. Glen Obear
  14. Turf Weeds – Dr. Aaron Patton
  15. Turf Benefits & Sustainability – Dr. Frank Rossi
  16. Golf Course Management – Chris Tritabaugh
  17. Sport Turf Management – Dr. Evan Mascitti
  18. Lawn Care & Sod Production – Dr. Zac Reicher
  19. Precision Turf Management – Dr. Bill Kreuser
  20. Calibration, Turf Math & GreenKeeper App – Dr. Bill Kreuser
Earn a GKU diploma with these Advanced Courses

Complete 18 credit hours of content to earn your GKU diploma in Turfgrass Science and Management

  • Causes & Management of Turf Stress (2 cr.) – Dr. Kreuser
  • Cultivation and Management of Putting Greens – Dr. Nikolai
  • Diseass of Cool-Season Turfgrasses (2cr.) – Dr. Koch
  • Diseass of Warm-Season Turfgrasses (2cr.) – Dr. Kerns
  • Mastering Management Communication (1 cr.) – Michael D. Morris, CGCS
  • Precision Turf Management (2 cr.) – Dr. Kreuser
  • Programming PGR Applications (1 cr.) – Dr. Kreuser
  • Responsible Pesticide Use (2 cr.) – Dr. Koch
  • Turf Soil Management (1 cr.) – Dr. Soldat
  • Turf Drainage (1 cr.) – Dr. Kowaleski
  • Turf Fertilization (1 cr.) – Dr. Soldat
  • Turf Irrigation (1 cr.) – Dr. Soldat
  • Understanding and Using Soil Testing (1 cr.) – Dr. Soldat
  • Weed Indentification and Control (3 cr.) – Dr Patton
The knowledge I gained from GKU has been invaluable to my growth here at my facility. I am a much improved superintendent because of GKU.
Scott Denil

Golf Course Superintendent, Pine Meadow Golf Club