Love it or hate it, Early Order Program season has returned. Personally, l’m relieved to have survived another hot Nebraska summer. The last thing I want to think about is the plan for next year. Still, the discounts, rebates and rewards can be tough to pass up each fall. In the past, most turf managers would fire up the calculator or MS Excel to start planning their 2024 program. GreenKeeper App offers an easier solution to this problem. The new EOP Planning Tool within Inventory Management duplicates applications and provides a report of product needs for next season.

Review Past Programs

The Calendar View in Program Builder is an easy way to view past applications and create future applications. The Copy Program button in the top right corner of the page can copy a program from one month to another. Duplicate the program, make your edits for 2024 and generate a list of product needs.

The Application Summary page, accessible from the ‘$’ icon on the main menu or the side menu on the Program Builder page, launches Application Summary. This page summarizes past applications, product use quantities and the cost of applications. An Application Summary report can also downloaded as a CSV file.

NEW EOP Planning Tool

To expedite planning, GreenKeeper App users can access the Early Order Program Planning tool on the Product Inventory Page. Click the green ‘EOP Planner’ button and select the date range to start planning. Users then have the option to copy a past program forward to the next year. The next page will show a list of the product requirements. Users can also copy the past year’s program with two clicks. Push the ‘View Copy Option’ button and then select either ‘Overwrite’ or ‘Add’ to copy applications to the selected time period. ‘Overwrite’ will clear future apps and copy the apps from the previous year while ‘Add’ will copy applications from the past year and add them to the existing program.

The final page in the this tool allows users to select product packages with reference to the amount of product already on the storage shelves. That final list can then be exported as a CSV file. The report within EOP Planning tool report can be used at any time. It updates as the program is altered on the Program Builder calendar. At GreenKeeper, we strive to simplify lives of our client. We hope these planning tools go a long way make the 2023 EOP season less stressful and kick start the 2024 season on the right note.

Not a GreenKeeper App User?

Start a seven day free trial at to craft your 2024 agronomic program. Tools like Application Advisor and the PGR Growth Projection help select and schedule PGR and pest control applications. The Cultivation Tracker helps manage and schedule cultivation and topdressing, and the Program Builder Calendar can also display course events and outings. No credit card is required to start a trial and we can extend your trial if more time is required. Save Time, Save Money, and Be Confident when making agronomic decision with the support of GreenKeeper App.